Welcome to learnimprov.com. This site is devoted to the art of improvisational comedy theatre. Learnimprov.com contains the most detailed and approachable collection of improv comedy structures on the web. Improv comedy structures are one of the key tools used to create improvisational comedy theatre. From games to warm-ups they are detailed here. It is unlikely that you will be able to learn improv comedy from the Internet. Improv comedy requires hours of rehearsal, coaching and dedication to the craft. This collection of improv structures is designed to help you along your path. Whether you are a recreational improviser, or a professional you can join the thousands of improvisers from around the world that have used this resource to make our world a funnier and more improvier place. Learnimprov.com is divided into two distinct parts: structures and tools.


The structures are basis of improvisational comedy. You may never use an improv structure in a show per se, but you can use them to train and help spark the spirit of creativity. The structures can be used as adjuncts to acting, as break out sessions for personal trainers, or as the key elements of an improv comedy show. Each of the structure types is explained in detail, and video examples are provided where ever possible. Please navigate through the structures as you see fit.


The tools are there to help you access the structures that you need. There are pages for generating workshops and shows. These generators are just frameworks, but can be very helpful when some structure, or change, is needed in a workshop or a short-form improv show. You can also search through the database for exercises or warm-ups that can help improvisers work with some of the more common problems that improvisers or groups have. Lastly, the entire web site is a tool waiting for input from its users, you can leave comments, contribute structures, or send in video to help out with this collective project. Like every interactive endeavour on the web, we all will make learnimprov.com a better resource for one and all.